I should really start using more interesting titles…

5 Oct

Firstly, apologies for not updating sooner. I promised myself that as soon as I had written my poetry analysis, which I started last Wednesday night, I would post a new entry. It’s taken me a week to stop procrastinating and get on with it, but I’m finally finished!

So yesterday when I started to think of what I would say in this post I had absolutely no ideas at all. I thought that when I got back home from Uni I’d spend a couple of hours just attempting to make the last fortnight sound mildly interesting. That didn’t happen, however, and I instead had to spend the entire night on Facebook trying to get a hate page that was posted about me deleted.

This page, as those of you who have seen it will know, was posted by an inarticulate, unintelligent bully and his attempts to hurt me by posting this backfired on him last night when my friends, both those that I have known since Secondary school and who have gone through the school with me and the boy who wrote this page, and my new friends up here in Glasgow, responded to his insulting comments and reported the page. I’m glad to say, he’s now been suspended from facebook, so hopefully I’ll not have any more bother from him.

Even though it was only on Facebook for a few hours, it seems that everyone has heard that it was posted. I’ve had many supportive comments from my friends, which have helped me to realise that no one believes what was written and that most people can see that it was just a pathetic little boy trying to get attention.

Sorry, rant over. Anyway, other than that, my week’s been pretty boring. I’m sure that you’re delighted to hear you’re wasting valuable time reading about my boring week, when you could be out living your’s!

I’ve had so much work on that I’ve not had a lot of time to do anything interesting to tell you about! Unless you’d like to hear about my poetry analysis? Or the thrilling Critical Thinking book I’m reading for Philosophy? No, I didn’t think so.

What I am finding as a big shock is how quickly time is flying by. My first few weeks here felt like they were never going to end. And now it’s the 5th of October already! (only 20 days until my 18th Yay!) I guess the reason that time has just disappeared this week is the amount of work we’re all getting.

This varies for each of my classes; Philosophy has spent the last three weeks discussing Descartes’ Meditations and we’re still only on the third one, English Literature has basically left us to read and analyse an entire novel in this time, and Theology expects us to learn the ins and outs of the entire Islamic religion, in just three weeks! This last class, Theology, is the one I’m struggling with most at the moment I think. I know I should be struggling more with English, given I haven’t even read half of the novel yet, but I can at least grasp what’s being said in English Lit, Theology is a different matter entirely.

I absolutely loved RMPS last year, which is what prompted me to take it this year, but there is such a difference between the two that it’s like doing an entirely different subject! Last year we spent months going over the different aspects of Buddhism, and spending time discussing and debating a lot of the issues that arise in it. Now, we’re just hit with an avalanche of information and expected to find some sort of reason within it.

Despite finding it difficult, the challenge of basically learning about a religion without much guidance is absolutely brilliant!! I love the independence of being able to research and find my own way around all of the issues of the Islamic religion. I think I would find it a lot easier if I had someone to bounce ideas off of, or to ask for opinions etc, like I used to in secondary school, but I’ve not managed to speak to many people in my lectures or tutorials, so I don’t have this aspect yet.

I found last year that talking things over with my classmates, or pestering my lovely teacher, helped me far more than reading notes and things, so hopefully once I’ve found someone to discuss these things with, then I’ll get a better grasp of what I’m trying to learn. Even with the difficulty, or perhaps because of it, I’m finding theology absolutely enthralling!

Something which I can’t quite say about Philosophy. I’m finding lectures on Descartes and ‘Critical thinking’ to be the bane of my existence at the moment. I knew I would find this though; Philosophy doesn’t have an answer, and anything which doesn’t have an answer frustrates me far too much. I’m honestly not sure what I was thinking selecting this subject, when I knew I was going to get so easily worked up by it!! Actually, it was exactly this reason I chose it! And the fact that I can have debates about philosophical things, such as ‘Is the sky blue?’ of which I’ve already convinced 3 people that the answer is no.

And English Literature is just as interesting as I thought it would be! The poetry analysis I attempted completely knocked my confidence, however. I’ve never really had any trouble analysing, or writing essays, but I have to admit that I found this to be so intimidating, and it scared the hell out of me. The analysis isn’t graded, but even so, I’m sure that I’ve done very poorly, my arguments weren’t well structured and my grammar was also pretty bad. I suppose there’s nothing to do about it now! Just have to wait and see what my tutor says.

Anyway, I’ve prattled on for long enough now. I just want to say thanks to everyone who supported me with this ‘hate page’ malarkey because it wouldn’t have been sorted nearly as quickly without you.

Oh, also, thank you to my two lovely ex-english teachers who put up with my moaning and last minute panicking over my analysis! I’m sure you must be sick of this by now! And not even being a hundred miles away from me, and not even my teachers any more, means you can escape my last minute hysteria when it comes to essays and exams!!


2 Responses to “I should really start using more interesting titles…”

  1. asoulwalker November 22, 2011 at 6:28 pm #

    I happen to love philosophy and theology. I might point out that philosophy does provide answers. Period. Now a little philosophy is like a dangerous poison and not much help at all to anyone with real questions, but… work is work. If you get started in philosophy, you can go “all the way,” or have wasted your time. “Going all the way” requires years and years of study and contemplation of course. So I think that most people won’t intentionally get answers from philosophy (although they still will get them from there– they will just be unawares).

    • Jennifer Hay November 23, 2011 at 2:07 pm #

      🙂 Yeah, I’m starting to see it’s like that. I don’t think I have enough passion for the subject to continue it any further, but I think I’m starting to appreciate why others can enjoy it so much. 🙂

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