I promise I’ll work on the titles for next week…. :D

16 Oct

First off, an apology is due for breaking my promise of posting every week. I have no reasonable excuse this time, so sorry.

Anyway, I’m writing this post on the train on the way back to Glasgow after spending the weekend back home. I’m absolutely shattered, having been up for most of the night with what I’m completely denying is the flu. I’ve never had the flu before and I don’t intend to have it now. It’s just a really bad cold…

Even being blocked up doesn’t stop me gagging at the stench of nail varnish now filling the compartment, as the girl sitting opposite, currently listening to One Directions new song so loudly on her I-phone I can quite easily sing along to every word, decided it would be a grand idea to paint her nails in a stuffy, overcrowded train which the majority of people are stuck on for another hour before it reaches central station in Glasgow. What a sweetheart.

I suppose I can’t really complain, I’m pretty sure I’m suffocating half of the train with the reek of ammonia from my hair. I spent most of the morning sitting in the kitchen with my mum furiously ‘massaging’ in the Chocolate Brown dye in a last ditch attempt to rid myself of my half yellow, half red hairdo. My hair now ranges from light brown to jet black, but doesn’t look too bad! Especially not in comparison to the horrendous ‘blonde’ I ended up with. My scalp is still bright red, not from hair dye this time, but from my mum’s vicious attacks!

Other than my disaster with the hair dye, it’s been a good week. My classes are going well, if a little bit boring at times. I’ve been able to spend some time reading as well, which has been good. Oh, I finally found time to go to the library! Oh my god!!!! It’s huge! I absolutely love it, even though it’s quite complicated to understand the ordering system, and despite the fact that it took me nearly twenty minutes to work out how to use the self-service book checkout , much to the amusement of some of the older students watching me.

I’m still procrastinating over my essays and finding practically any excuse not to do them. They’re just so intimidating, I have no idea where to start. It’s not too bad for English lit, there’s several questions to chose from and they’re all comparison questions, which I prefer. Theology has three questions for Islam, Judaism and Christianity, but seeing as we’ve only finished Islam it’s still a bit limiting, not to mention I don’t even understand half of the questions. For Philosophy there is only one question and it is very, very vague. I’m absolutely dreading answering it!

Oh, I almost forgot that I went to the first meeting of the Creative Writing Society on Tuesday night. It was really fun, being able to spend some time with friends and being forced to come up with something creative on the spot, although it was very intimidating and ended up being complete and utter rubbish, has helped me to get the better of my writers’ block! So there may be some creative writing up on the blog some time in the near future!

I don’t really have much more to tell you. So far, all I’ve seemed to do in my posts is rant about something or someone that’s pissed me off, and I’m trying not to do that again. Although, if I were to do that I would tell you how annoying I find it that the girl opposite me has now decided to spray half a can of deodorant, just to add to the toxic smell in this carriage. I wonder where she’s going that would require this much preparation? I mean, I’ve seen her apply four layers of foundation in the last half an hour, redo her lip gloss twice and add even more mascara to the black clumps that may at one point in time have been eyelashes.

Anyway, as I said, there’s not much more to say to be honest. Hopefully I’ll have done something more interesting for the nest post, if not I’ll just pick a random thing that’s irritated me and write a couple of pages on that! I really hope to have a short story up during the week, but I’m still working on it. Fingers crossed! I know it’ll just take one before I can get back into writing again. Here’s hoping.


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