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Knots, Chains and Impatience.

9 Jun

It’s been over a month since I last wrote on here. Again. I’m sorry. Again.


I’m afraid I’ve not really got much to tell you, it’s been a boring start to my summer holidays, lots of flat hunting, job hunting, reading trashy novels, hours of lying in the sun working on my (pretty damn impressive, even if I do say so myself) tan.


Alas, my flat hunting has been pretty unsuccessful. None of the places I’ve seen close enough to the uni have been available during term time, just for summer rentals.


Job hunting has gone much better! I had an interview for a sales assistant at a shop in Gretna Gateway, and got an email telling me I’d got it! Yay!! Just waiting to fill in some forms then that’s it!


As for the trashy novels, well I’ve got to admit my taste in literature is quickly going downhill since I got back. Not only have I read dozens of Harry Potter fan fictions, I’ve also read three fifties romance novels, a handful of Mills and Boons, and possibly the worst series I’ve read in quite a while, the Fifty Shades of Grey books. I should have listened to the good advice of everyone who’s ever read those books and saved myself the trauma by not reading them. They’re awful, in case you’ve not got that yet. Unbelievably, a worse love story than ‘Twilight’, though I’m still flummoxed as to how that’s even possible. And yet, I still read all three novels. Why?! I cannot get the image of Kirsten Stewart whipped and chained out of my mind. I’ll have nightmares for weeks.


I went back up to Glasgow last week for my little sister’s Maths award. Much as I enjoyed being the proud big sister, sitting through an hour long talk on the mathematics behind knots was not my idea of a fun time. Anyway, we did a bit of shopping and I finally handed in my keys for Murano, the student accommodation I was staying in. I’d like to say I was sad to leave, but to be honest it’s been a bit of a nightmare from start to finish this year, I guess I was just relieved to be leaving it all behind. Hopefully next year will be better.


My results are due out soon, (3 days, oh Merlin) so I’m pulling my hair out waiting. I really wish I’d been able to find out how I did in my essays, at least I’d know how badly I’m likely to fail. Ahh! I’m just not going to think about it. At all. Ever, preferably.


Anyway, I’ve got nothing else to write just yet. I’m working on something I might have up soon. Hopefully. I really don’t know. I’ve just got no motivation to write at all. My muse has taken its own summer holiday. Well, bye!