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Positive thinking!

12 Feb

Hey guys, just thought I’d write a quick post and update everyone on how fabulous life is lately.

It’s two in the morning right now and I’ve been watching youtube videos for roughly six hours (no regrets) but I figure it’s about time to do something mildly constructive.

Is it weird that despite being full of optimism and motivation, now that I’ve finally sat down to write something about it I can’t really figure out why? I guess I’m just in a very good place, and surrounded by amazing people who are so exciting and engaging and their zest and positivity is contagious! My courses are challenging but interesting and even though I’m spending most of my time just trying to keep on top of it (and failing, unfortunately) I’ve regained my drive and interest for the topics I’m studying; I wasn’t really feeling it last semester. I’ve been too afraid to get my essays back, I’m putting it off for as long as I can because I don’t want to knock my confidence with what is inevitably going to be bad grades. (I know I say this every year but I did hand the two most important ones in two days late, which drops it down an entire band…) But I’m hoping (nay, determined) that this semester I’ll do better. Already I’ve arranged two weekly study sessions with friends so we can keep each other motivated and have a little consistency!

After a horrible few months with being ill and unhealthy and having serious sleeping/eating/basically just living day to day problems, the last month I’ve done a complete 180. Again. Feeling so much healthier, finally stopped eating crap or going for days with next to no food. And my sleeping pattern is back to normal. Or as normal as any student gets (damn you youtube and tumblr). And I’ve not been feeling ill/exhausted/unable to get out of bed. So it’s been a fabulous month. AND I’ve gotten back into exercising (Jillian Michaels is equal parts Goddess and monster).

I’ve decided on an AMAZING essay for my Bible, lit and culture class which means I get to examine biblical influences on the works of the Bronte sisters *squeels*. (NO ONE IS SHARING MY ENTHUSIASM FOR THIS, SOMEONE NEEDS TO UNDERSTAND HOW INCREDIBLY FANTASTIC THIS TOPIC IS!!!!!!!!). And my Buddhism essay is going to be on a seriously insane theory which basically says nothing in the world exists. It’s something I’ve come across before and can’t decide whether I agree/disagree or am just too mentally inept to contemplate this idea, but I’m super interested in it either way! My 17th C literature course kinda sucks, but I fully expected it to and it’s actually not *as* bad as I feared.

Outside of uni things have been getting better and better! I’ve done so many fun/exciting things, starting with going to see the AMAZING ‘Miss Julie’, a play which is on at the Citizens theatre and stars SUPER AMAZING AND TALENTED LOUISE BREALEY *FANGIRLS*. It was amazing and I don’t think I can put into words how captivating the entire performance was! And it was terrifying as well. (But I really wish there’d been a warning about how brutal/violent it could get. Not prepared for that.) I went to the play with H and afterwards we went on what was a pretty epic pub-crawl (and proudly boasting we managed a night out with only five drinks, although one cocktail glass was LITERALLY THE SIZE OF MY FACE).

Also, I got to catch up with my friend while she was back over for the week. Always a great thing to do, I’ve missed her! And I had a lovely meal at another new friend’s flat (and it’s made me seriously addicted to risotto, I’ve cooked it twice last week!). And I’ve been experimenting with my cooking and using Lisa and a couple of other barely-willing participants to test them out. No one’s been poisoned but Vi nearly threw up when I showed her my first attempt at sugar free chocolate biscuits. Don’t ask, you couldn’t even imagine.

And I’ve been reading loads lately! I’m considering maybe doing a post every now and then with book recs. Or album recs actually because I’ve really started paying attention to music again! But to summarise; A Song of Ice and Fire series: MIND BLOWING, The Fault in Our Stars: I WILL NEVER FORGIVE JOHN GREEN, and 17th Centuray Travel Writings: MAKE ME WANT TO CLAW MY EYES OUT IN THE WORST POSSIBLE WAY.

ALSO ALSO ALSO I’ve achieved four amazing things this week! Firstly, I managed to do ten (modified) push ups!!!! I’m aware pretty much everyone reading this is rolling their eyes at me right now but this is pretty much the toughest thing I’ve done in ages! My arm strength is about equivalent to that of a six year old child with no arms. So to be able to actually do this WITH CORRECT FORM AND EVERYTHING made my week!!! AND secondly I have done three loads of washing, which I’ve been procrastinating for forever because if I do the washing I need to get the clothes horse out and to get the clothed horse out I need to get under the bed and to get under the bed I need to make room to move the crap rom under my bed and to move the crap out from under my bed I need to… Well, you get the picture. Basically I’d have to actually get my shit together in order to manage something as simple as putting a washing on and it’s so much easier to procrastinate. But I did it because I’m an unstoppable force this week, as THE THIRD BIG ACHIEVEMENT AND ARGUABLY THE BEST THING I’VE EVER MANAGED TO ACCOMPLISH is getting to level 38 on flappy bird. (It’s less that I managed to get a half decent score and more that I didn’t rage quit and throw my phone at a wall while doing it.) And finally, I started level two of the workout dvd I’m doing, which I’ve always been too scared to do before because THERE’S SO MANY PLANK MOVES. But I did it today, even managed to do 3/4’s of the moves in advanced mode and I didn’t feel like I wanted to die at the end of it, only vaguely contemplating jumping off of a cliff to never have to do it again.

On that note, I’m going to go to bed. I’ll probably write soon in the not so distant future because things are good and I am filled with motivation and determination and  all things fluffy rainbow sparkles. God, who am I?!?!

PS I’m uploading this now (the next day) while procrastinating getting dressed to go and buy food. It’s a hard life I live guys, you’ve no idea. To quote my earlier tweet ‘How am I supposed to make the most of my life if I’m too lazy to put on trousers?’. *sighs dramatically*