The Decisions

The Decisions

When I was applying I sent off 5 applications. There was only really three of them that I wanted to go to but I decided I would send away to two others just in case. I applied for English Literature in 3 of these and received 2 conditionals and an unconditional. The other two I did the complete opposite of what my Guidance teacher told me (sorry, I’m an idiot. You were right, as always. Why do I not listen to you more?!?) and applied for English and Creative Writing jointly. I hadn’t really planned on going to these Universities if I had been offered a place in the other three but I was also convinced I wouldn’t be accepted to any. Any way, because I sent the personal statement, which was entirely focused on English Literature, to Creative Writing I didn’t get in. The statement I’d given would have got me into English Literature and I had above the grades they wanted but I was an idiot. This completely knocked my confidence as the first reply I had was a rejection. The moral of this is, don’t be a numpty, listen to your teachers, and make sure your statements fit what your aiming for. (I know I’m a bit late, but oh well.)

So, next comes the dreaded Decisions. I still remember sitting in the library signing into my account and seeing that I’d had a conditional acceptance for Edinburgh Uni. The first thing I did, obviously, was run screeching and jumping up and down like an idiot, straight to my teacher to tell her. (Her reaction was pretty much the same as mine, actually…) It would probably have been the most embarrassing moment of my life if I hadn’t been so relieved.

If you end up being rejected from somewhere, if it’s your first reply or not, you’ll probably realise exactly why I’d got it into my head by that point that I was never going to go to Uni. If one Uni didn’t want me, particularly as it was probably the least best (my attempts at being correct and democratic and not give into the Glasgow Uni snobbery…) I’d applied for, no other one would. Please don’t think that. Each University is looking for different things and just because one Uni doesn’t accept you, doesn’t mean the others won’t have more sense. (I’m parroting my teacher here, but I actually agree with her now!!)

Okay, so, getting your replies from the Universities is only the first part of the decision making process. Next comes your choice. I know you can accept a place without waiting for the rest of your replies, and if you’ve got your heart set on a particular Uni, and you’ve been accepted, great! If not, I strongly recommend you wait for all decisions to come through. If not, I’d currently be at Edinburgh University (with an unconditional from Napier as my back up) because Glasgow takes a bloody eternity to reply. But Glasgow was where I wanted to go, and luckily I had a conditional offer.

If you don’t get accepted to where you want to go don’t panic!! There’s a lot of ways around this issue, and I’m sure your teachers know every which way to help you get what you want, or at least help you find a good alternative.

At this stage I think the most important thing I have to tell you, and the best advice I can give, is to listen to your teacher. I know that most guidance/soc ed teachers are stretched every which way at this point, what with all their own references to write and spell checking yours, and I know that it’s easy to become frustrated if you feel you’re not getting enough help from them, but be patient, it’ll be worth waiting to get the help you need. I was really lucky my guidance teacher has developed the remarkable ability to be several places at once as well as having eight different pairs of hands juggling things at a time and she was always able to help, but I know that some of my class mates weren’t so lucky and it often frustrated them to the extent that they took things into their own hands, often making a mess of things. Your teachers know what they’re doing and (something you should learn sooner rather than later) they’re generally always right. So listen to them, it’ll make it so much easier.


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