Okay, so, to start off with I completely agree with what is no doubt the common opinion between you and your year by now: UCAS is a b*tch. This time last year I was in absolute hysterics, determined that my whole life was null and void because of a few misplaced semi-colons in my bloody personal statement. I know that these monstrosities that they force onto fifth and sixth year pupils are a nightmare and at the time become an all encompassing mass of worry and self-deprecation and just horribleness. But for most of you it’s over now. Time to breathe. Give yourself five minutes to realise that the world is not in fact over, the apocalypse did not strike when you handed it in and now all you have to do is wait to hear the decisions. Yup, all you’ve got to do is wait. And wait. And chew your nails. And pull your hair out. And drive yourself and everyone around you to distraction. And wait some more.

Now, I’m categorically the worst person in the world to be advising you on having patience when it comes to this. I checked UCAS every hour. Every single hour. I had the UCAS website book marked on my phone, my school computer, home computer, laptop, everywhere possible. And I drove everyone around me completely mental with it. I think if my guidance teacher hadn’t been there to tell me off I’d have driven myself crazy. Or at least ended up with repetitive strain injury from typing that bloody number in over, and over, and over, never once remembering the flaming thing.

So I feel like a massive hypocrite now telling you all to just calm down, panicking isn’t going to speed up their decisions. But it’s true. Ok, so I don’t expect you to be any less freaked out about it than I was, but make sure you keep up with your school work. Trust me, when you sign into your account and see ‘conditional’ for a ridiculous amount of A’s this year, the last thing you’ll want to do is realise you’ve missed weeks of school work as you’re too busy alternately checking UCAS and sobbing into your text books.


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