Poems – Second Year

Here’s hoping these won’t make me want to gauge my eyes out with a rusty spoon when I reread them in a years time like the other ones….


To the man who broke me


To the man who broke me

That night alone on the bridge

When you stole my innocence away


To the man who held me

Down, pinned to the cold, wet ground

And stole a part of me, the heart of me away


To the man who heard me

Beg for mercy he wouldn’t give

And lie numb to the pain of my soul being leeched away


I hope one day you feel

The clenching in your stomach

The cold shivers, the sheer terror

The flashbacks that keep you up at night


I hope one day you’ll look

Out of your window and dread

Having to face the world


I hope one day I’ll meet you,

And see in your eyes all of the pain

That you’ve put me through

Multiplied until all there is left

Of your already ruined humanity

Is horror


I hope one day you’ll feel regret

And beg for forgiveness

And I hope you see me

My crippled soul

And know you’ll never have it

You’ll never have my forgiveness.


Like a dying man thirsting for redemption

Redemption you won’t receive

And I hope you rot and burn

In your own personal hell

And feel all the pain you’ve caused

And I hope you suffer.


One Response to “Poems – Second Year”

  1. Mira Jay February 14, 2014 at 5:42 pm #

    Perhaps my tears have said what my lips couldn’t find:'(

    Love & Light

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