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My Merry Wake

29 Nov

This was inspired by Alasdair Roberts’ song The Merry Wake. It is once again not in Iambic Pentameter (help?!)

My Merry Wake

As they danced by the banks of the river,

And they laughed, and a merry tune they sung,

And they promised to love me forever,

And through the air their joyous voices rung,

And when to the depth of the Clyde I dropped,

And they gaily ‘celebrated my life’,

Nobody noticed, and nobody stopped,

None, save my own sweet bride, my darling wife.

And the black veil hid her tears from their sight,

And in the depth of her heart, her pain stirred,

And she lost her love to sorrow that night.

Is this how I am to be remembered?

Oh, my bonnie darling what will it take,

To make you smile, smile at my Merry Wake?